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Veintec is a North American health organization specialized in the prevention, work-up, and minimally invasive treatments of varicose veins, which came to Chile through an exclusive license in 2002.

The name and the standards of VEINTEC medical care have expanded across our country through two locations in Santiago, one location in Antofagasta, and one location in a strategic alliance with Clinica Medik of Puerto Varas.

Veintec introduced vanguard techniques in Chile which are exactly the same as those used at the Veintec Vein Clinics in the US. Over recent years, there has been introduced the concept of aesthetic Phlebology to remove notorious veins of the face and body, hands and feet in particular, in addition to the solution of such problems associated with venous disorders as cellulite and localized fat.

Dr. Alejandro Cabrera, Medical Director of Veintec Vein Clinics in Chile


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