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Address: Boulevard Hotel Marriott, Av. Kennedy 5735 OF. 502 Poniente.
Las Condes, Santiago.
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dr cabrera homeClínica Veintec is a medical center specializing in varicose veins. It is unique in Chile, in terms of being a part of an international medical organization. Veintec is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, USA. It operates clinics in Mexico and Chile and is currently in the process of expanding around the rest of the world through Veintec’s Global Project.

The foregoing guarantees a care quality and results equivalent to those that prevail in US centers, a multi-centric level of experience and many years in this medical specialty.

In Chile, as of December 2015, we have provided medical care to over 60,000 patients, applying minimally invasive state-of-the-art techniques with local anesthesia to outpatients, without accidents or significant morbidity; all of which confirms the safety of these new techniques.

We, therefore, invite you to explore this website and contact us. We receive patients from all over the country and even some from neighboring countries.

We remain at your entire disposal to answer any queries.

Dr. Alejandro Cabrera M
Director, Clínicas Veintec Chile
Project Director, Proyecto Global Veintec

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