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The first historic milestone of our medical center occurred 20 years ago. This was the Eco-mapping of veins using Color Eco-doppler; a medical exam that enabled accurately determining the points of failure of blood circulation in the veins. We learned this procedure directly from its creator the French radiologist, Dr. Claude Franchesci, at a course imparted by him in France in the year 1996. Dr. Franchesci demonstrated that the saphenous vein could -in most cases- be preserved, since most cases involved only the sick main valve system, but not the entire vein.

At the time, our first medical center operated adjacent to Clínica Normandía -in Santiago’s municipality of Providencia- which closed in the year 2000. In 1999, we moved to independent medical facilities located in Avda. 11 de septiembre, under the name of “Centro de Patología Venosa” (Venous Pathology Center). There, we managed to integrate our medical practice offices with specialized rooms for Eco- doppler examinations as well as for certain minor medical procedures.

Sometime afterwards, we published a research report, entitled Venous eco-mapping using color eco-doppler in modern varicose surgeries (Revista Chilena de Ultrasonografía (Chilean Ultrasonography Journal), volume 5, N°2, year 2002. Copyright Nº171.933), thereby becoming Chile’s first scientific publication on this particular topic.

From that moment onwards, varicose vein surgery changed to a less invasive procedure requiring only transitory hospitalization; albeit still using general or spinal anesthesia. In the year 2002, we wrote about our medical experience applying this new technique in a paper entitled, 1000 cases of selective surgery preserving the saphenous vein and a 5-year follow-up that was subsequently published and submitted before an extraordinary meeting of Chile’s Surgeon’s Society, held at Santiago’s Clínica Alemana in June of 2007. This became another milestone in the treatment of varicose veins in Chile.

In parallel, a technique had been developed in Germany that permitted treating connecting veins –i.e. veins coming from the muscles toward the surface- by means of Video Endoscopy. These veins played a role in the occurrence of venous ulcers. We learned the technique applied to this effect by the Spanish doctor, Manolo Doblas, and introduced it to our medical practice in Chile in 1997.

In April 1997, we performed in Chile the first Sub-facial endoscopic video surgery for insufficient perforating veins, a technique that definitely replaced large surgeries for venous ulcers. Our experience was presented in the United States at the 1998 Miami Congress of the Spanish-Speaking Surgeon’s Society, and at the World Phlebology Congress held in Córdoba, Argentina in 1999.

At this last congress, I had the opportunity of attending Dr. Carlos Boné’s presentation and realized that there was new innovation milestone in medicine. This Palmas de Mayorca Spanish surgeon introduced a revolutionary method to treat failure points within the saphenous vein via a fiber-optic Endolaser that sealed the anomalous points under direct ultrasound vision and with local anesthesia; namely, in a completely ambulatory manner. The technique expanded rapidly throughout the United States and in February 2002 the US-FDA declared and certified it as a standard technique/procedure.

Toward the end of that same year, we visited the San Antonio, Texas Veintec Clinic – a pioneering US medical organization that created the world’s first health franchising model, which by then had already expanded through the rest of Texas and the state of Oklahoma. The purpose of our visit was to apply for a Veintec franchise in order to incorporate its novel concept and system in Chile.

In 2002, Dr. David Mozerksky, founder and President of Veintec visited our Providencia health center, where we signed our first Veintec franchise agreement.

The incorporation of this American medical brand in Chile has indeed been the major milestone in our history. Since then, a new way of doing these things was incorporated in Chile. We changed our name to: “Clínica Veintec – Varicose vein clinics.” Innovation… innovation… that became our premise. We premiered the local tumescent anesthetic, a product recently patented in the US by Dr. Jeffrey Klein, -and not yet existing in Chile- which permits anesthetizing large leg areas without paralyzing it. In fact, upon completion of our procedures, our patients went out walking by themselves; namely, a truly ambulatory procedure.

We performed our first ambulatory endo-laser surgery in Chile, under local tumescent anesthetic, in April 2003 in our Providencia medical center.

This minimally invasive procedure, which came to replace traditional surgery procedures, caught the attention of the local medical community and the media. Thus, we officially informed about it in a paper entitled Varicose endo-laser – Preliminary report submitted before the Chilean Surgeon’s Society in Viña del Mar in November 2003.

The new procedure generated an obvious and habitual incredulity, even within local specialist doctors then unaware of this new technique. With the passage of time and the now massive amount of information available in this respect, we can expect that these techniques are here to stay, having already replace traditional procedures; a circumstance amply recognized within the medical and scientific communities.

The Veintec Model, its brand and system have now consolidated in Chile. In 2013, our database contained over 60,000 patients cared for and more than 4,000 minimally invasive procedures performed on large-size varicose veins with more than 12,000 on small and medium- size, with results and quality indices fully comparable with those achieved in the United States and Europe.

In 2009, we opened up our second Clínica Veintec in Chile (in the West Tower of the Marriott Hotel in Santiago) aimed at an innovative concept: aesthetic phlebology, which intends to eliminate undesired non-pathological notorious veins showing in the face, neck, neckline, back, arms and hands that make people look older. We heard about this technique in Europe and subsequently learned to apply it directly from the distinguished Chicago phlebologist, Dr. Thomas Easton.

In 2010, this experience merited my being recognized and incorporated as the only Chilean doctor to become a faculty member of the American College of Phlebology in the United States. Subsequently, I was also recognized in Europe through the European Venous Forum, a scientific society that distinguished my medical services with their “International Membership Award” in Warsaw, Poland in 2011. In the year 2010, in relation to multiple cases of patients suffering Lipodema of the inferior extremities (i.e. patients who for genetic reasons have very thick legs and relatively slender bodies), we decided to incorporate a new technique, denominated: LipNil. This is a new form of liposuction that consists in removing localized fat deposits using tumescent anesthesia; which we had been long using in varicose vein procedures. I learned this technique at the Euromi Organization; a health care company headquartered in Verviers, Belgium through theoretical and practical coursework and detailed knowledge of the physical principles that support the NII (Nutational Infrasonic Lipo) technology. In simple terms, this technique consists in a type of vibration that liquefies accumulated fat subsequently vacuuming it, thus avoiding traditional liposuction traumatism.

Soon thereafter, we began applying this technique to other parts of the body. Nowadays, we are able to eliminate fat accumulated in shoulders, back, arms, abdomen, hips, thighs and legs. To date, we have already applied this technique to more than 100 patients, with excellent quality and satisfaction results, fully equivalent to those achieved in the United States and Europe.

In 2013, we celebrated our 10th anniversary of our Veintec Chile Franchise with various private activities. Nevertheless, the most relevant high point of this celebration was our opening of medical facilities in Antofagasta and Puerto Varas. These facilities are located in relatively remote northern and southern geographical locations with heretofore uncared for patients. Our Antofagasta facility included a strategic alliance with Centro Medico Dental Licancabur, a local dental facility run by Drs. Christopher Muñoz and Vesna Cortes. In Puerto Varas, on the other hand, we entered into a strategic alliance with the aesthetic clinic, Clínica Médica Estética Medik, operated by Drs. Rodrigo Sánchez and Angélica Goedecke.

Thus, it is fair to say that the Veintec Brand is now indeed present throughout the country, evident not only because of the presence of such medical centers; but also, because of the health care experience that we have been able to contribute to several Chilean and foreign medical doctors, some of whom have carried out medical training apprenticeships in our centers.

Another very important milestone for us and one that constitutes a contribution to the literature on these topics was the publication of the book entitled, Varicose veins – a silent disease. This text is aimed at the public at large and it summarizes how in less than a decade the diagnosis and handling of such a prevalent pathology has evolved in Chile. It explains in a simple and straightforward manner the reasons why we develop varicose veins, their symptoms, complications and various preventive measures. Additionally, the book offers plenty of anecdotes and testimonies that sum up our own learning and undertaking throughout all these years.

Veintec has grown in the United States and in Chile. Thus, in 2014 having by then consolidated an international experience both in Chile and Mexico (demonstrating that is possible to fully reproduce an American Model in Chile, the international business consultant, Osvaldo Cabrera R., and I created the Veintec Global Project, an international joint venture aimed at globalizing the Veintec brand around the world via franchises and licenses. In 2014, our project received an award from the Export Projects Contest organized by Prochile (Chile’s export promotion agency) in the “medical services exports” category. One of the first steps taken by the project consisted in participating in seminars and exhibits (fairs) on the occasion of the World Franchises Expo (held in the New York’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center that same year) permitting us to publicize this project in Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador, Colombia and Guatemala.

Our aim is to contribute toward introducing our outpatient health care system model both nationally and internationally. We are convinced that this initiative is likely to benefit millions of persons by alleviating their pains and making them happier as they are able to walk better, live more productive lives while avoiding medical leave.

This year 2016 is the official launching of Global Veintec in New York, USA. intended to open up brand distribution channels in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Oceania and Asia.

We wish to share with you the legitimate pride to be Chileans entrusted by the US Veintec to launch this worldwide mission and take this opportunity to thank the outstanding and loyal work team of technicians and executives that have joined us in this effort throughout the years.

Dr. Alejandro G. Cabrera MD.
Director, Veintec Chile
Director, Veintec Global Project

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