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Global Veintec is a project aimed at globalizing the Veintec brand and system worldwide.
The project seeks to globally position a health model that has proven to be successful health and business-wise in several important cities around the world.
Our approach will be flexible and will largely depend on the particular characteristics and status of the eventual candidates.

The membership categories are the following:

1. The Regular Franchisee Membership – is a membership category intended for physicians who have not yet started their specialty practice and want to start it by applying the Veintec system model. It's like starting from scratch.

2. The Conversion Franchise Membership – is a membership category aimed at specialty-practicing physicians who wish an all-around upgrade, incorporating new technologies and implementing a unique personalized health care system or model, marketing their products in a more attractive manner and, above all, to become more effective in managing their time. This implies changing their previous business name converting it into a Veintec Clinic

3. The Veintec Fellow Membership – is a membership category designed for internationally renowned and prestigious physicians in both the clinical and academic realms.

4. The Professional Licensee Membership – is a membership category suitable for practicing physicians that operate their own health centers and wish to incorporate and develop Phlebology as an additional health care; albeit without losing their previous identity. A license differs from a franchise, essentially, in that the licensee retains the copyright and recognition of the original brand.

The Veintec membership is a process whose steps are described below:


Filing a membership application letter to Veintec Clinics by forwarding an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The application letter must include the following information:

a) Academic background – i.e. your curriculum vitae (CV) plus your official general and specialty surgeon certificates. Official certificates of other graduate or postgraduate coursework or degrees. Such documents must be duly legalized. The above information is paramount in order to evaluate your professional competencies and skills in performing minimally invasive procedures.

b) Current clinical practice – i.e. State where you work and how much time you dedicate to venous pathology treatments. The above information is important to determine your degree of commitment to vein treatments versus other activities.

c) Let us know if you are running your own health care center; and, if so, please provide us with its basic features including general and specialized equipment, health authority permits, medical staff, volume of patients, location, website, etc.

d) A brief summary about your country’s health care system; informing us whether it is a solely public, solely private or mixed health care system. Please inform us if your country’s public and/or private health insurance systems provide coverage to these procedures. The foregoing is relevant since Veintec is a fully private health care system.

e) A statement as to why you wish to become a Veintec member.

SECOND STEP: The second step consists in a visit to your country and to your health center as well as any other locations where you carry out your work. This is crucial in order to determine the current level of your quality standards and identify what needs to be incorporated in order to become a Veintec member. This visit is also important to learn about your local market and eventual competitors. The costs of such visit shall be to the account of Veintec; but, it does not necessarily entail a Veintec membership commitment.

THIRD STEP: Drafting a Membership Contract according to one of above-listed membership categories.

FOURTH STEP: An eventual visit of the interested physician to Veintec centers in Chile or the United States; all of it to the account of the interested party.

FIFTH STEP: Analyzing and drafting a Final Contract

SIXTH STEP: Execution of the final contract and payment of the agreed contractual fees.

SEVENTH STEP: Training of the newly-affiliated Veintec member medical doctor.

EIGHTH STEP: Inauguration and start-up of the new Veintec Clinic, fully to the account of the new Veintec member.

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