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Coverage / Allowances / Supplementary health insurance

Although our Veintec clinics do not have social-security health insurance agreements with Fonasa (Chile’s public health care system fund) or with Isapre (private social-security health insurance companies), patients are nevertheless fully entitled to receive Veintec medical (albeit not cosmetic or aesthetic) treatments eligible for subsequent proportional reimbursement from their private health insurance schemes.

In practical terms, this only means that patients cannot pay for their Veintec treatments with vouchers issued in advance by either Fonasa (public) or Isapre (private) insurance schemes. However, Veintec treatment payments are indeed eligible for subsequent proportional reimbursement from and according to each patient’s personal health insurance policy.

Our experience in this respect is that never has a Veintec medical treatment program been rejected by health insurance companies; a circumstance that attests to the seriousness and credibility of the Veintec clinics.

To be sure, Fonasa patients are welcome at Veintec clinics, but such public health system does not reimburse any treatment costs. But, Fonasa patients having supplementary health insurance coverage are indeed eligible for subsequent proportional reimbursement against health treatment certificates issued by Veintec. The granting of benefits and their respective percentages, however, are prerogatives solely incumbent upon such supplementary insurance schemes.

On the other hand, Isapre patients receiving either health or medical care treatment by Veintec are indeed eligible for their corresponding policy reimbursements. Usually, such reimbursements are quite significant and when such patients have supplementary health insurance coverage the net cost of their Veintec health or medical treatment may be nil.

Aesthetic condition treatments cannot be incorporated into medical treatment programs or fee invoices and are, therefore, ineligible for Isapre reimbursement.

Moreover, it is important to bear in mind that the Veintec clinics are not authorized to issue fee invoices in the name of third parties in order to obtain insurance coverage benefits, neither are they authorized to modify official health care service codes to that effect.

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