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The global trend in Phlebology is towards minimally invasive outpatient treatments under local anesthesia, minimizing risks, but without making any concessions in terms of quality or effectiveness.

This foregoing has become the “gold standard” in developed countries.

According to the definition given by the US Agency for Health Care Research & Quality (AHCR), “Quality” means: "Providing the best level of patient care, the most appropriate treatment for each case, and obtaining the best result at the time of the patient’s discharge".

In our case, this definition has applied always. Clinica Veintec is an American brand with more than 25 years of existence. Our clinic in Chile, the first outside the United States, has marked a stark difference ever since its inception in 2003 and has been confirmed and re- confirmed as part of a North American organization of the highest standard of quality in this specialty. In other words, we have complied fully with the three permanent parameters that are used to measure quality in the United States:

1. - We maintain an infrastructure specialized in Phlebology.

2. - We have and continuously review patient care procedures; our last review was carried out in 2015.

3. – The parameters that measure the Results of our Treatments are made available through scientific publications and presentations in Chile, the United States and Europe. On this point, we can provide some interesting facts accessible to everybody (by clicking on the “Scientific Bases” icon of this website) that contain the abstracts of the various publications published up until December 2015:

* Care has been provided to more than 60,000 patients.

* Large varicose vein surgeries have been practiced on more than 4,000 patients, either via Endolaser or Ambulatory Phlebectomy or in some cases via a combination of both techniques.

* There have been no mortalities.

* There have been no major complications or intraoperative cardiovascular accidents requiring emergency hospitalization of patients.

* Six patients developed deep thrombosis; a condition that was detected early thanks to routine controls that only required transitory anticoagulant treatment and had no ulterior consequences or sequels. One patient required installing a deep filter device in the cava vein in order to prevent a greater thrombosis.

* There have been no bleeding episodes requiring hospitalization or blood transfusion.

* The percentage of intraoperative infections (up to 30 days after a procedure) is 0.6% and corresponds only to cases of patients with venous ulcers.

* There have been 12 cases of ulcers following a sclerotherapy treatment, within a total of 12,000 sessions, but without neither functional or relevant aesthetic consequences. * The percentage of varicose vein recurrence is of 4% after 5 years.

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