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Discover how easy and painless it is for you to have healthy veins and beautiful legs. The physicians at Veintec Varicose Vein Clinics are an international group of dedicated, board-certified vascular surgeons with offices in Texas, Chile and Mexico. Veintec doctors have been treating vein disorders and their underlying causes for more than 25 years.

Because Veintec physicians are board-certified vascular surgeons dedicated to treating only venous diseases, they have the most experience and most expertise to diagnose the underlying causes of reticular, spider and varicose veins. The doctors develop a treatment plan for you that is comprehensive—not just cosmetic.

Veintec offers the best patient experience, the most advanced equipment and the most comfortable environment. Since 1988, Veintec has been dedicated to treating patients with venous disorders and we look forward to meeting with you. Visit Veintec and you’ll have confidence you’ve made the right choice for proper diagnosis and treatment of your vein disorder.

What is the Veintec Difference?

- As board certified vascular surgeons, Veintec’s doctors are uniquely trained to treat all phases of vascular disease.

- Veintec doctors address the whole problem and take care of any underlying problems to properly treat your vein disease.

- If you want to know what your vein trouble is and how to fix it, and don’t want to take any chances with your care, then Veintec is the place for you.

- We only treat all types of vein disease from interventional to minimally invasive treatments for spider veins, reticular veins and varicose veins.

- With over 25 years of experience treating veins, we have the most experience and expertise.

- Veintec clinics are the most completely equipped with the latest technology. 100% confidence in your doctor.

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